Diana & Mik’s Pop Art Inspired Family Home — House Tour

It’s sensational for gathering ideas and finding the common elements in the images you discover. Contact the editors through our House Tour Submission Form. I try hard to avoid jamming a room full of multicoloured hues, but sometimes it takes time to find their place. Favorite Element: There’s never just one but I do like how the bowler and top hat lights tie in with the Sir Arthur Brambles (fox) mural and the Narnia-inspired lamp. Previous

(Image credits: Sophie Timothy) Proudest DIY: Dark feature wall in the bedroom. What Friends Say: There’s so much to look at! There’s a surprise around every corner. • Are you a designer/architect/decorator interested in sharing a residential project with Apartment Therapy readers? More posts in this series

This Week’s House Tours Pinboard! We got the keys, renovated the bathroom, turned the third bedroom into an ensuite and walk-in robe, ripped up the carpets and moved some walls. Dark edges defined the perimeter and the whole wall was overlaid with a metallic shimmer to bring all the colours together. Best Advice: Stop and have a second look. Whether it was nesting gone crazy, or a sense of wanting the house to be “just right” before they settled in, they’ve achieved a lot in a short space of time, although Di says there’s “so much more” she’d love to do. Follow Apartment Therapy’s board House Tours Apartment Therapy on Pinterest. Name: Diana, Mik and baby Harper (15 months)
Art director, Musician/lighting designer, Captain of playtime respectivelyLocation: Thornbury; Melbourne, AustraliaSize: 2 bedroom, one study, living and diningYears lived in: 16 months

Di is an art director in the advertising world, so it should come as no surprise that the home she’s made with musician/lighting designer Mik and their baby Harper is ornamented with treasures from the most whimsical of places. Biggest Embarrassment: All mistakes lead to an eventual resolution so you shouldn’t be embarrassed. Thanks to my architect SIIN Architecture for extrapolating the key elements based on the look I’d pinned. This was painted as you would a canvas. Then had a baby 3 weeks later! It’s easy to glance around and appreciate something momentarily, be it an environment or an image, but it’s best to really take a moment to pull it apart and check out the details that made it gel. Contact the editors through our Professional Submission Form. A typographic die-cut “wonderful” watches over visitors in the hallway, while a cut out lamp made to look like it’s straight out of Narnia adds a magical touch to Harper’s nursery. I spend a lot of time playing in this room with Harper because of its great feel. I have a million ideas for what I want to do with this house and feel like I’ve only just started. My bathroom is a great example of how a board can translate into the real thing. Open House Tour

The family have only lived here a year, but Di and Mik being suckers for punishment, decided to renovate straight after buying the place, giving themselves four weeks to update the house before little Harper was born. This has been a challenge as I’ve been partial to bright murals in the past. We settled for varying shades of warm greys and charcoals to allow the contents to stand out. Biggest Challenge: The first hurdle was getting the basics of the house changed in 4 weeks before we moved in. Open House Tour

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My Style: Eclectic partnering of unique pieces old and new, with a nod to industrial. • Interested in sharing your home with Apartment Therapy? It’s just a little respite on the way to the end result. Updated daily with fresh tours full of photos for you to pin enjoy! An old workbench is done up as an entry table, a dead tree is spray painted silver and decorated with a sequined bird, old Reader’s Digest books are turned into a towering book sculpture, and top hats turned into lamp shades…

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