The World’s Most Beautiful Kitchen Sinks

Here are 12 beautiful examples of sinks so stunning, you may actually start to look forward to washing the dishes. Another marble sink, this one with a very interesting shape. A shallow stone sink in a kitchen spotted on Linen and Lavender. I suppose the homeowner has very long arms. Here’s another integral marble sink, but this one has a particularly unique shape — and an unusual placement of the faucet, too. I love how it adds just a little bit of a luxe feel to this kitchen. (Image credits: Lonny; T Magazine; Hello Lovely Studio; Balingslov; Veranda; Eric Bommel; My Paradissi; Officine Gullosa; Marina Sinibaldi Benatti; Weiss; Linen and Lavender) An antique marble vessel repurposed as a sink in a kitchen spotted on My Paradissi. (And those shelves are quite lovely too.) By Marina Sinibaldi Benatti. From Balingslov. Thought you couldn’t get excited about a kitchen sink? This copper sink is a bit more subtle than the others, but no less beautiful. An integral wooden drain board and lovely details grace the sink of a kitchen by architect Eric Bommel. The Sink LVQ048, from Officine Gullosa, is gorgeous and will set you back a mere $5,086.29. A beautiful stainless steel sink with a linear drain, from Weiss.

Updated: 08.11.2014 — 02:17