Choose a Date for a Holiday Get Together at Your Place — The Style Cure: Assignment #11

If holiday cocktails with a friend or two sounds more up your alley than turkey for twenty, go for it (and vice versa, of course!). It’s all good – this is about what will make you happy. Be sure to tag with #stylecure so we can find you. It’s simple. Email us at:

Share your progress on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter! We’ll have an eye out for your updates and photo and would love to see how you are doing and share it with the group. If you are already planning on hosting Thanksgiving, then you are all set and you can take today off! Today’s Assignment

Plan a Holiday Gathering, Chez YOU

The size and style of your get-together doesn’t matter at all. Let us know what you are thinking about in the comments and happy planning! Let’s make sure there is some fun scheduled into your (near) future. More posts in this series

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(Image credits: Adrienne Breaux) Perhaps a Boxing Day brunch sounds fun. Choose a date and time for a get-together at your home at some point during the upcoming holiday season. Join The Style Cure: Click Here to Sign Up

Questions? So, here goes, no excuses! Make up a guest list and send out the invites – paper or electronic is fine, just make sure you get going on the invites TODAY and get them out ASAP. Pictures?

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