Just Say No: When (And Why) To Pass Up a Good Deal

Don’t make compromises to save a few bucks. Are you really going to mail that thing in and follow up in eight weeks to make sure you’ve gotten your money back? Sure, you get a good deal but at what price to your sanity? If you tend to get a little too trigger happy when you spot a real steal, then you need to check yourself — and these five things — to make sure it’s the best buy for you. Tell us! You don’t need one of those

Do you really need this thing or are you tempted to buy it because it’s cheap? A good deal is only good under the right conditions. You’ll never know. Where’s good deal in that? Reality check: a good deal means you’re getting the most out of your money; shelling out for something you just don’t need is achieving exactly the opposite. What are your deal-breakers when it comes to getting a good deal? It will cost you something besides money

Black Friday deals, we’re looking at you. There’s a catch

Maybe it’s a rebate that makes it such a good deal. (Image credits: Shutterstock)

Updated: 08.11.2014 — 08:17