West Edge Design Fair with #BlogTourCali

Lovely people, beautiful designs. I have so much more to share about Blog Tour California. Photo by Chasen West  

Margot Austin West Edge wasn’t my first glimpse of American Standard’s latest brand extension called DXV, but it solidified this sweetie as my favourite in the line. The folks behind the web site Design Milk pulled together a stunning booth comprised of artisanal goods by makers based along the West Coast, dubbed SuperPAC (Pac for Pacific). There was so much goodness in this booth it could be its own blog post, and in fact it is. Here’s a closer look as the luscious fibre creations of Tanya Anguiniga on the back wall of the SuperPAC booth. Here’s the whole group at our first stop, a scrumptious lunch at the Miele showroom in Beverley Hills. Photo by Margot Austin2, 7. Hope you’ll come back for the next installment. Steam cooking is fast, allowing foods to retain their colour and nutrients. I like the historical design references of the Landfair faucet and it comes in the most stunning platinum nickel finish. This is the view from The Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica that I woke to on Day 1 of Blog Tour California (aka #BlogTourCali on social media). Next it was off to the West Edge Design Fair, held at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. I’ll choose a shiny nickel over a warm metal every time. The folks at Calma e Gesso once again prove that the Italians know luxury. Definitely not your Momma’s macramé! And finally, why not a $70,000 glass pool table? Love the mix of materials and texture in the Burlap collection from Sun Valley Bronze. The dishes prepared in Miele’s high tech Combination Steam-Convection Ovens were as pleasing to the eye as to the palate. These wallflowers sure are anything but shrinking violets!

Updated: 08.11.2014 — 07:15