Small Kitchen Idea: How To Quickly Fit More in a Small Refrigerator

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With rents on the rise in major cities (ahem, San Francisco), apartments are shrinking, and appliances are becoming increasingly more compact to fit them. Trying to fit a week’s worth of groceries into what can start to feel like a glorified mini fridge is a constant challenge, but here’s a quick tip.

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Remove the packaging! Companies use inflated packaging to make you feel like you’re getting more, and the product itself is usually sealed in plastic. By removing this extra layer you can take advantage of every inch. Just be sure to cut out any cooking instructions and store them together. This tip works especially well for the freezer, where everything seems to come in a cardboard box.

*Re-edited from a post originally published on 10.7.2013 – AB

(Image credits: Kim Lucian)

Updated: 20.10.2014 — 04:00