Sebastian Bergne’s Fiction bookstand creates the illusion of floating books

Sebastian Bergne’s Fiction bookstand is made from a folded steel sheet, painted paper white, and sits at an angle to the surface it’s placed on. The object is hidden by the books so the project is less about the design and more about what you can do with it.”

Designed to hold typical paperback-sized books, Fiction can also be used for other books and magazines. “I’m interested in the analogue world that books represent,” Bergne told Dezeen. Whether stored in piles or on shelves we are constantly reminded not only of their physical weight but their organisation, storage and content.”

When the shelf is used horizontally, the books at either end appear to make contact with the flat surface below, while the ones in between look as if they are hovering in midair. “One of their qualities is that they are synonymous with weight and mass. The stand is part of a numbered personal edition by Sebastian Bergne, the first 25 of which are currently available. Related story: Sebastian Bergne says bottoms up with tilting egg-shaped decanterA perpendicular plane at one end supports the books placed along the shelf, while another section at the other end is bent to prop up the stand and to hold a single volume. “I’ve tried to create something unexpected that will make people look twice and enjoy displaying their books differently. “The resulting bookstand ended up being mainly about instability,” said the designer. Projects designed and produced with no imposed restrictions,” said Bergne. “I regularly produce objects myself in what I call personal editions.

Updated: 08.11.2014 — 21:55