Iranzo, Rittler and Kesting create cocoon-like "cloud" installation

“Inside the cloud, the body seems to gravitate with a feeling of lightness, it is the place where calm reigns,” said the designers. We thought that when you see a cloud, it makes you feel relaxed, calm.”
“The question was: ‘what happens in a real cloud? The designers are now looking for opportunities to install the work at festivals, museums and galleries, and are exploring the possibilities of using the construction as a 360-degree projection screen. A rope ladder with wooden rungs ascended from a white circular platform through a round opening in the floor of the bulbous structure. A tubular steel framework, designed to be easily assembled and disassembled,   was wrapped in a white elastic spacer fabric – a breathable polyester material with perforations made by German textile manufacturer   3DEA   –   that reacted to the movements of people inside. “Through the fabric you see only the shadows of what is outside and sounds aren’t clear enough to perceive their origin,” they said. If we could go inside one, what would happen?'” said Iranzo. “People slept, relaxed and enjoyed their time in Cumulus.”

Cumulus was installed in the university campus during the graduation show in July 2014. “Also the project had the aim of achieving calm.”

“So we took the idea that a cloud is a parasite of the sky. Photography is by   Thomas Lewandovski. “With a simple and regular shape, the interaction of the piece with the user involves a variation in its form thanks to the elasticity of the fabric covering the structure,” said the designers. The structure, intended to resemble a rain cloud, was covered in a stretchy perforated material that exposed inhabitants to precipitation rather than protecting them from it. The permeable fabric skin of this inhabitable installation by graduates from Germany’s Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design allowed moisture into the space, designed to make visitors feel like they were inside a cloud (+ slideshow).

Updated: 09.11.2014 — 01:55