Moroso "gave me a chance," says designer Ross Lovegrove

I love the idea of a vertical stack through itself. Copyright: Dezeen “[Natural organisms have] become very succinct in their material use. Ross Lovegrove and Patrizia Moroso”When I first started on my own in 1990, Patrizia   [Moroso, creative director of the company,] gave me a chance,”   Lovegrove   reveals in the movie, which was filmed at the Moroso Loves London exhibition during London Design Festival   celebrating work by Moroso’s London-based designers. Diatom chair by Ross Lovegrove for Moroso”Part of the lineage of my philosophy is to draw references and influences from things that have taken a long time to evolve,” he   explains. Supernatural chairs by Ross Lovegrove for Moroso”The Supernatural chair was a bit of a breakthrough,” he says. “Polymers have really advanced in the last decade and my ambition was to do the lightest [chair] that I could.”

Dezeen Book of Interviews: our new book, featuring conversations with 45 leading figures in architecture and design, is on sale now”The holes are not there for decoration, they are actually there to liberate the material. And actually at home it’s still the sofa I sit on after the best part of 24 years.”
Diatom chairs by Ross Lovegrove for MorosoLovegrove’s latest product for the Italian brand is called   Diatom, a pressed aluminium stacking chair, whose name “comes from an oceanic creature,” Lovegrove says. Watch all the movies   »
Ross Lovegrove. We 3D-printed models in the studio and it just worked beautifully.”
Supernatural chairs by Ross Lovegrove for MorosoLovegrove similarly focussed on reducing material use in his 2005 Supernatural collection for Moroso. “If you look at the designers that have been identified by Moroso, there’s a really good balance.”
M sofa by Ross Lovegrove for MorosoLovegrove’s first product for Moroso was a range of sofas with M-shaped arm rests. M sofa by Ross Lovegrove for Moroso”What I like about Patrizia   is that she’s always seen something very special in here in London and she’s supported a lot of up-and-coming people,” he says. Related story: Ron Arad’s Spring furniture collection “turned the direction of Moroso””I did this sofa system called M,” he explains.

Updated: 09.11.2014 — 05:55