Winter Survival: How To Get Help With Your Heating Bills

And if you’re forgoing gifts this holiday season in lieu of making or requesting donations, perhaps one of the following organizations might benefit… Thanks! If you, a loved one, or even just an acquaintance can’t afford to keep your home at livable temperatures this winter, help is out there! Louis, Springfield ProjectShare, and many more
New Hampshire: Fuel Assistance
New Jersey: The TRUE Program, LIHEAP
New York: Neighborhood Heating Fund, Home Energy Assistance Fund, NYC Utility Assistance Program, NYC Heat Line
North Carolina: Duke Energy Share The Warmth
North Dakota: Energy Share, LIHEAP
Ohio: Home Energy Assistance Program, Percentage of Income Payment Plan, Winter Crisis Program, Home Weatherization Assistance Program, HeatShare Programs, Extended Payment Plus
Oklahoma: Salvation Army Share The Warmth
Oregon: HEAT Oregon
Pennsylvania: LIHEAP
Rhode Island: Energy Assistance Funds
South Carolina: Duke Energy Share The Warmth
Utah: Home Energy Assistance Training, Home Energy Assistance Target
Vermont: Fuel Assistance
Virginia: Energy Assistance
Wisconsin: Home Energy Assistance Program
Wyoming: LIHEAP, Energy Share of Wyoming, Wyoming Weatherization Services

I’ll keep adding to the list of resources – please share any that you’re aware of. NATIONAL:

Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) general information
LIHEAP state and territory contact listings
Salvation Army HeatShare Program


Alaska: Heating Assistance Program
Colorado: Colorado Department of Human Services LIHEAP, Denver Heat Cost Assistance
Connecticut: Connecticut Energy Assistance Program
Georgia: Heating Energy Assistance Team, Energy Assistance Program
Illinois: Utility Bill Assistance
Iowa: North Iowa LIHEAP
Kansas: Salvation Army Share The Warmth
Kentucky (Louisville): LGE WeCare Program, Project Warm, LIHEAP, and Community WinterHelp, Inc
Maine: LIHEAP, Low-Income Assistance Plan, Central Heating Improvement Plan, Weatherization Assistance
Massachusetts: National Grid Low-Income Qualifications
Michigan: Salvation Army/Consumers Energy PeopleCare
Minnesota: Heating Assistance Program, Ramsey and Washington Counties Energy Assistance Program
Missouri: HeatShare, Operation Weather Survival, Dollar More, Sharing The Warmth, Heat-Up St.

Updated: 09.11.2014 — 03:56