Before & After: A Major Mantel Makeover

Many thanks for sharing Sharon! For more photos and information about the project, head over to Lilikoi Joy. (Image credits: Lilikoi Joy) Sharon describes her home as a mishmash of styles (mostly tropical-beachy-outdoorsy nature-modern with a little traditional-hollywood regency-eclectic-real life thrown in) with no one dominate influence. Take her family room’s mantel for instance, which was feeling entirely too traditional given her plans for the rest of the space…. Here’s how Sharon describes the new look:

We had a perfectly nice fireplace, yes. The new fireplace is much more modern and simple, but we also still wanted to keep it warm and organic looking, so we used natural stone (a honed vein cut travertine tile) and built a simple but dramatic wood beam mantel. But after living with it for that long, we were ready for something different, something more up our style alley, and something unique that not every other house in our neighborhood also already has…

Updated: 09.11.2014 — 09:56