31 Life Changing Useful Gadgets

Pizza Scissors
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Just like a pizza cutter, only better. 30. Yeah, you thought that $60 American Apparel hoodie was a lost cause, but not anymore thanks to this handy little gadget! 24. 28. See-Through Toaster
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No more burned toast! 13. Yolkfish
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Plucks yolks like nobody’s business. 22. Bed Fan
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We all know the “air conditioning” trick of one leg out of the blanket, but this is just fantastic. 9. Magnetic Light Switch
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An easy way to keep track of your keys. It’s science. Roll and Pour
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The perfect pour every time. 6. 27. Star Trek Spock Oven Mitt
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Bake long and prosper. 26. 29. 3. Compartment Frying Pan
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Because we all have that one vegetarian friend. Prong PocketPlug Case and Charger
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If you’re one of those people who always forgets their charger, you NEED this. Whooz? AIRE Mask
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…Or how to charge your devices by channeling your inner Darth Vader. Cord Labels
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We all have that one coworker who likes to steal chargers. 23. I Could Eat A Horse Spaghetti Measuring Tool
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We all know you can never eyeball the perfect spaghetti portion. 4. Plus, it’s perfect for kids. (And we all hate doing dishes.)
14. 3-in-1 Breakfast Maker
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Making breakfast simpler one step at a time. Under-Desk Foot Hammock
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I’m betting you don’t practice perfect posture anyway, so you may as well be comfortable. 15. 21. Lekue Citrus Spray
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Just insert this handy little gadget in a lemon or lime and spritz away! 18. Index Cutting Boards

12. 10. MoodINQ Programmable Tattoo System
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When you want a tattoo, but don’t want the commitment. One-Click Butter Cutter
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Once again, no one really likes doing dishes. Life = changed. Yes please! Trakdot Luggage Tracker
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Never lose your luggage again thanks to this ingenious little tracking device. Genius! Posted By MMK on Nov 8, 2014 | comments

I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a gadget out there for literally everything. I mean, there’s already a gadget that lets you zip up a hoodie one-handed, and a self-turning ice cream cone, but did you know there’s a gadget that re-strings and re-threads your hoodie’s drawstring without a struggle? Re-String It
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The easy way to re-string your hoodie’s drawstring. Why dirty a knife? 25. 8.

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