Nine of the best rain-inspired designs

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Warriors of Downpour City by Anne van Galen

Design Academy Eindhoven student Anne van Galen created a collection of clothing and accessories for a future world where the rain never ceases as her graduate project, which was shown at Dutch Design Week last month. Nendo described the product as “an umbrella whose handle makes it not only stable when in use, but able to stand on its own when turned on its handle, hang securely from tables and stay propped up on a wall when not in use.” Find out more about this design »
Kinetic Rain by ART+COM

German design collective ART+COM installed over a thousand rising and falling metal raindrops in Singapore’s Changi Airport to create a calming centrepiece for the airport’s departure hall. Find out more about this design » “Their complex structure makes them fragile and non-repairable,” she said. Find out more about this design »
Drop umbrella by Ayca Dundar

This umbrella design by Royal College of Art graduate Ayca Dundar is made of just six parts, allowing it to fold down into a flat disc for storage and easily spring back into shape when blown inside out. Cameras were used to detect human movement and continually move the drops away from visitors as they moved through the space. It was installed on a street in Paris during the Nuit Blanche festival in 2005, and displayed words selected from news websites by a computer programme to create an “information curtain” of water. Find out more about this design »
Rain Room by rAndom International

Interactive designers rAndom International installed their Rain Room – a space where visitors could play in a perpetual shower of water without getting wet – in London’s Barbican Centre in 2012. Two unusual umbrellas were popular this week as the rainy season made itself felt across large swathes of the Northern Hemisphere, so we’ve collected together some of the best rain-related designs from the pages of Dezeen. Find out more about this design »
The Weather Yesterday by Troika

Not just about rain, British design studio Troika’s lighting installation for the 2012 London Festival of Architecture poked fun at the UK’s obsession with weather in general. Designed by Barcelona-based Estel Alcaraz, the boots come in a range of bright colours and feature an elasticated strap that can be used to keep them together when folded. “I was fascinated by the behaviour of people in the rain,” Van Galen told Dezeen. “Since the material is flexible when not in tension, it can easily bounce back into shape, even when exposed to high winds,” explained co-creator Justin Nagelberg. Stay-brella by Nendo

The two-pronged handle of this 16-spoke umbrella by prolific Japanese design studio Nendo allows it to stand up on its own. Find out more about this design »
Sa umbrella by Justin Nagelberg and Matthew Waldman

A pair of American designers launched a crowdfunding campaign to develop this umbrella, which replaces the traditional metal-framed canopy with a flexible fabric structure that folds like origami.

Updated: 10.11.2014 — 02:35