Christophe Thockler plays with fire for Victoria+Jean music video

“A few years ago, I directed a stop-motion video with ice melting,” Thockler told Dezeen. “I wanted to do something I had never done before.” Related story: Electronic components “bleed” in Christophe Thockler’s music video for LusineThockler set light to hundreds of photographs, which he shot over 8,000 times as they smouldered and charred to create the stop-motion elements of the video. “Shooting this video was quite an artistic challenge, but a very playful one.”

Despite the difficulties of working with fire, Thockler said he was glad he took on the challenge. “Since then I’ve always wanted to create something only using fire, mixing video and stop motion.”

“This piece of music was a perfect playground for me to play with rhythm, fast-paced stop-motion sequences and of course symbolism,” he said. He combined these segments with video footage of burning matches, candles and rolls of camera film. Music: director Christophe Thockler used “10 litres of gasoline” to create this fiery stop-motion music video   for avant-pop duo Victoria+Jean.

Updated: 10.11.2014 — 04:36