Drawn & Quartered: Architect-Designed Log Wedge Birdhouses

Log cabins for birds, if you will. As with so many great designs, the end product is surprisingly simple – it recalls traditional pie-shaped birdhouses and uses a minimal amount of materials and effort to achieve its results. Another great aspect of the result: the plans and sections are relatively simple and the materials readily available, making for great do-it-yourself inspiration for anyone with a cabin in the woods. And   though birds may not make the same requests as   human clients demanding unique abodes, the resulting semi-organic structures are necessarily unique, following the form of the logs from which they are cut. Comment on Facebook Drawn Quartered: Architect-Designed Log Wedge Birdhouses

Applying architectural logic to a bird’s eye view, these natural-material dwellings utilize fallen trees to create familiar and eco-friendly habitats for your feathered friends.

Updated: 09.11.2014 — 18:36