Master the Mix: 7 Secrets From Rooms That Both Soothe & Invigorate

Control how much invigoration you add in with the types of plants you pick: Wild, leafy compositions will feel more energetic than simple and stark plants. But then surprise your eyes with bits of bright color incorporated in accessories and art. This room spotted on Daily Dream Decor. And we’re sharing with you the secrets we spotted in them. Excite with texture

If you want to stick to a minimal and light color palette like all white or natural wood tones, you can avoid having a room that does nothing but put you to sleep by experimenting with texture. Room spotted on The Lettered Cottage. Combine pastel colors with sharp geometric patterns

Combine soft, perhaps even pastel colors, with painted on geometric shapes and bold patterns. But then shake things up a bit by clustering a design element (seen above with lights) or creating a repetitive feel with multiple objects. It’s an easy way to tackle this mix! Spotted on Simple Blueprint. This room spotted in Design Files. Go for a bright spot of color

Unlike the example above, you don’t have to fill a neutral palette room to the brim with lots of bright colors; just use one or two perfectly placed, really bold colors, like the intense pink pillow that matches the flowers on the nightstand. You’ll sense the calming material palette but you’ll get energy from the visual energy of repeating objects. Cluster casually

Stick to earthy color tones and use warm materials found in nature to instantly set a peaceful tone. Add interest with plants

Any time one of your calm, peaceful rooms is tipping into to too calm territory, add more plants, which won’t upset the neutral and natural color palette but will add a lot of energy and life. This room found on Weekday Carnival. (Image credits: Eve Wilson for the Design Files; Weekday Carnival ; Jessica Sample for Lonny; By Philippe le Berre via Daily Dream Decor; Better Homes and Gardens via Marital Glue ; Pernilla Hed for Skona Hem via Simple Blueprint; Laurey W. But you also want a room that invigorates you when you’re feeling tired and motivates you when you’re feeling down. On architectural elements like above is more low-key than if you added in smaller design elements with busy patterns. Add drama with black and white contrast

No matter how soft or soothing your room’s color palette is with paint and furniture, adding a dose of drama with black and white contrast will instantly add energy that invigorates.

Updated: 09.11.2014 — 20:36