34 Incredible Photos That Reveal A Glimpse Of What Lies Beneath The Water’s Surface

Andaman Islands, India

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19. Blue Grotto in Capri, Italy

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24. Spain

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You never know what lies below the surface. Shark Park in South Africa

Source: Allen Walker Photography

4. Argentina

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2. Zanzibar, Tanzania

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13. The Everglades in Florida

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21. Smalblaar River, South Africa

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17. Bora Bora

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20. Brazil

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27. Pig Beach in the Bahamas

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  23. Mare, New Caledonia

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12. Crystal River, Florida

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14. Danko Island, Antarctica

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6. Laguna de los Burros in   Mexico

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9. Switzerland

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28. Palawan Island, Philippines

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25. Nuweiba, Egypt

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11. Eilat, Israel

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10. Magdalen Islands, Canada

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18. Papua New Guinea

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3. Green Lake in Austria

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