7 Fun & Life Changing Math Hacks

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3. Know what date will fall on what day of the week any time … GENIUS! via   Think, Share, Teach

5. Never be caught looking bad again…EVER. via   Pinterest/ Ashley James
2. Reverse Zorro! No fighting over pizza anymore! Your hands can tell you the future … okay, fine, it can tell you multiples of 6, 7, 8, and 9! Posted By MMK on Nov 8, 2014 | comments

“I’m really bad at math.” How many times have you heard that? via   Life Hacker
6. Percentages will never stifle you ever again
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Source:   Diply How to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa all in your head! via reddit /u/   quaxon
7. Draw the line to the 3 (six times three is 18). via   Pinterest   / Liz Morrison
4. But what about those rare moments we don’t? That aside, some of us have a lot of trouble with specific tasks and, with the rise in smartphones, we all have calculators with us on the go. Some have even said numbers are the secret to the universe!

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