Steel frames are bolted together to form Flexible Order modular furniture system

Competition as part of the Lodz Design Festival in October. Related story: Izabela Bołoz’s Intersections modules interlock to form street furnitureHoles along the sides of a set of different-sized frames correspond so the rectangular pieces can be bolted together and stand independently. Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Fabricia Chang has created a series of pastel-coloured metal frames that bolt together into modular furniture pieces. “Order can be seen as the combination of proportion, repetition and symmetry. Flexible Order was shortlisted for the Make Me! “[Flexible Order] enables users to create their own order within a given order,” said the designer. In response, she developed the modular furniture system that could perform various functions and be arranged by each user individually. “This project is an interpretation from a foreigner’s point of view, by observing the order in Dutch society that the Dutch take for granted, and expressing it in a micro scale,” said Chang.

Updated: 11.11.2014 — 03:09