Angled openings create balconies across the facade of MORA apartments by ADNBA

The varying angles of the walls enclosing the balconies alter their views and relationships to the surrounding neighbourhood. One of the building’s long facades is interrupted by wide balconies that project into the living areas of the apartments, with glazed sections in the internal walls connecting to the sheltered outdoor spaces. “We have chosen limestone to cover the whole building in an attempt to give it a monolithic but luminous look,” said the architects in a statement. A communal roof terrace with facilities for outdoor dining and socialising can be accessed using the building’s lift, while a subterranean garage provides private parking. The top apartment is split over two storeys, with the upper floor opening onto a private terrace. Site plan –   click for larger imageGround floor plan –   click for larger imageFirst floor plan –   click for larger imageSecond floor plan – click for larger imageThird floor plan – click for larger imageFourth floor plan –   click for larger imageRoof plan –   click for larger imageSection –   click for larger image Photography is by Cosmin Dragomir. The MORA Residential Building was designed by ADNBA for a historic neighbourhood in central Bucharest, where architecture from the early 20th century and interwar period is prevalent. Related story: Christophe Rousselle adds reflective balconies to Zac de la Marine residences
In an effort to emulate the “stature and nobility” of the buildings from these periods, the architects created an apartment block with an imposing scale and facades clad in pale limestone that adds texture to the solid structure. “The detailing of the facade, like corner details and vertical and horizontal edges, are all designed to show that it is just a stone facade, a light coat, and not a massive structural setup,” the architects explained. The shorter facades incorporate narrower windows that restrict views into and out of bathrooms, bedrooms and other more private spaces.

Updated: 11.11.2014 — 05:10