19 Insanely Clever Products That Prove We’re Living In The Future

Source:   BuzzFeed Sunglasses for dogs. 5. 19. 12. pew pew pew

15. Sadly for the rest of the world, it’s available only in Japan. 6. So you’ll never forget your keys again. 1. You can track everything — from your keys to your wallet to your cat — through the accompanying app. Thanks to this Quora   thread. An undershirt that improves your posture. 17. 3. 10. 14. 11. A solar-powered gardening system. So your phone will never die on the go again (unless it’s cloudy outside). 9. A solar-powered backpack. Laser-Guided Scissors. 16. An app that rewards you for not touching your phone while you drive. Posted By MMK on Nov 10, 2014 | comments

BRB, time to ride my hoverboard to the Dippin’ Dots parlor. THE FUTURE IS THE BEST. 7. 2. A handheld scanner that doesn’t require a computer. A magnetic light switch cover. An umbrella that can withstand winds up to 100 kilometers per hour. A fully functional virtual keyboard. You can trade points you earn for discounts with SafeDrive’s partners. 13.

Updated: 10.11.2014 — 19:10