Pininfarina fuses 1930s style with modern technology to produce bespoke bicycle

“Pininfarina Fuoriserie bike is a true Pininfarina project,” said chairman Paolo Pininfarina. A miniaturised electronic engine positioned on the bicycle’s rear-wheel cog generates forward-thrusting power, allowing the rider to save energy and cover greater distances. Related story: Sandwichbike flat-pack wooden bicycle by PedalFactory goes into production
The chromed steel tubes forming the bicycle’s frame are hand-welded into shape and finished with a walnut briar-root coating, creating a visual reference to luxury wood-lined vehicle interiors emblematic of the 1930s – the decade Pininfarina was founded. Further references are made to the company’s heritage in the design of the handlebars and the seat, which are both formed from interwoven strips of brown leather – also found inside the iconic Lancia Astura Bocca car, designed by Pininfarina in 1936. Famous for creating luxury tailor-made cars for manufacturers including Ferrari, Alfa Romeo, Lancia and Maserati, Pininfarina worked with bicycle maker 43 Milano to create the Fuoriserie bike using a combination of contemporary and classic materials. The bike will be produced in a limited run of 30 units. Other unique bicycles featured on Dezeen include one with a wooden frame, another with a see-through plastic structure, and a flat-pack bike designed to fit into into a small bag. “It blends our heritage with innovative solutions, it is elegant and exclusive but also highly functional.

Updated: 12.11.2014 — 06:06