King Kong artist reveals inspirational workspace

Despite its true function as a physical effects workshop, it often feels more like a museum of Weta’s staggering film history. I hate every minute of it and I’m pleading to you now: please send in the SAS to free me from this perpetual torture, before it’s too late. This article originally appeared in ImagineFX. I like a lot of visual stimulation, and I’m one of those people who needs to surround themselves with their own work. Greg works closely with Weta co-founder Richard Taylor and is “forced against my will to draw robots, rayguns and dinosaurs. Weapons line the walls, suits of armour stand guard and there’s a full size T-Rex skull in one of the halls

Here, every day, I’m whipped mercilessly by my tormentor Richard Taylor and forced against my will to draw robots, rayguns and dinosaurs. He is also the creator of Dr Grordbort’s comic series. I always have that there, balanced precariously above my drawing table where at any point it might fall down and break my wrists… It makes me feel special. Hidden away in the middle of the 65,000 square foot office complex is the design department and upstairs, detached from all other humans, is my little work hole. Weta Workshop has also worked on movies including Lord of the Rings and King KongTo emotionally endure the horror, however, I’ve made myself at home with plastic knick-knacks, such as McFarlane army men (great reference), dinosaur toys and an Ashley Wood Robot (a gift from Richard – he ceases the whipping to do something nice sometimes, although I think it’s some sort of Stockholm syndrome technique). It reminds me that I can actually do this stuff. Weapons line the walls, suits of armour, both ancient and futuristic, continually stand guard and, best of all, there’s a full size T-Rex skull in one of the hallways. I have even been caught hugging it, but it was all above board. As well as creating art for District 9, King Kong and The Adventures of Tintin, Greg is partial to painting fantasy dinos too!My favourite piece is a Jamie Beswarick sculpture and a District 9 gun prop.

Updated: 12.11.2014 — 22:07