Kim’s Progress: Nearing the Finish Line — LIVEBLOGGING THE STYLE CURE

in the depths of, “What did I take on? Next, I tacked the galley wall. We are at a point in the Cure where all of the changes are finally starting to add up and I am starting to see things come together, which is a big improvement from where I was just a few days ago… First up was the outbox, which morphed into a sizable section of the floorspace in the room and resulted in two giant bags being lugged up the street to the thrift store and a comparable number of items making their way to our public storage unit. I opted to paint the existing black frames a glossy white to lighten things up and mixed in a few warmer toned ones. I also covered our ugly overhead light with an inexpensive paper shade from Ikea, for $4 it really makes a difference. Once that was finished, (I seriously have no idea how I made it all fit in the first place) I organized what was left. After that, I played with the layout and attempted moving the sofa to face the shelves to see if it was an option (spoiler alert: it make it impossible to get across the room and the view of the kitchen directly behind the couch was awkward to say the least) so I ended up moving it all back but shifting the sofa and rug towards the door and expanding the arc lamp so it was centered over our pouf “coffee table.” Baby steps. I want to quit but I can’t exactly leave it like this.”

Deciding to “Cure” a combo living-dining-kitchen-office space means there is quite literally nowhere to go when things gets tough, as in I could barely get out of my front door. MORE OF KIM’S STYLE CURE:

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Updated: 11.11.2014 — 22:07