7 Natural Ways to Make Your Home Smell Great for the Holidays

From Little House Living. Here are five of our favorite simmer pot recipes to get you started. The dried leaves and pinecones will keep the fire burning, while cinnamon and rosemary fill the air. Room Spray

Orange, cinnamon and fir oils combine to make a spritzer bottle you can spray around the house all season. These vanilla and coffee-scented candles are from Hello Natural. Mix some great-smelling stuff together, and leave it in a dish. Free, even, if you have bamboo skewers at home in the kitchen. Olive Oil Candle

Common household olive oil combined with a few drops of essential oil makes for a long-lasting liquid candle. For extra credit, dehydrate thin slices of apples and oranges by baking them in the oven, like Julie Blanner does on her blog. Depending on your ingredients, it will leave behind a subtle smell for weeks. As you prepare your home for the holidays with plenty of love, laughter and decoration, don’t forget about ambiance. Simmer Pots

A smell-good classic, and it couldn’t be easier. Check out materials and instructions here. Choose a few aromatic spices, herbs and fruits, cover them with water and heat it up in a saucepan on the stovetop (or in a fondue pot). ‘Tis the season to dim the lights, put on some soft music and, if you’re so inclined, prepare one of these lovely and fragrant little recipes to fill your home with great memories. Homemade Reed Diffusers

Air fresheners like these go for $30 at a home store, but the raw materials to make your own are really inexpensive. Making your own scented candles is as easy as melting wax chips (available at craft stores) and layering in your favorite natural aromatics. Aromatic Wax Fire Starters

Toss one of these wax bombs into the fire.

Updated: 12.11.2014 — 04:07