The New Old Kitchen: Modern Spaces with Vintage Pieces

Vintage cabinets in modern kitchens is a look we’ve been seeing more and more often. 67, actually uses a vintage piece as cabinetry. A wooden cabinet provides a nice contrast to the sleek stainless steel shelves and cabinets in this kitchen, spotted on Houzz. This kitchen, from Homelife, has mastered the mix, with modern appliances and plenty of storage, thanks to a couple of vintage tables (grouped together as an island) and a hutch. These can provide a sort of grace note in a modern kitchen, and also a helpful place to stash a few things in a kitchen without upper cabinets. What with all those hard, shiny surfaces, modern kitchens can sometimes seem a bit sterile. Mix vintage pieces into your modern kitchen. The table can double as a work surface, and also a spot for informal meals. And finally, in this kitchen spotted on Emmas Designblogg, a vintage hutch provides just the right touch of tradition. Above: this kitchen, spotted on At No. From Glamour: why not use a vintage farmhouse table as an island? The vintage cabinet somehow seems right at home next to the modern subway tile and range, and it sets up a pleasing contrast that makes this kitchen very appealing to the eye. Another example of vintage tables as island, from KK Living. From Skona Hem.

Updated: 12.11.2014 — 08:07