How To Stay on Budget & Reduce Food Waste: Garbage Pizza Nights!

So grab some pizza dough, anything that’s about to expire in your fridge, and let your imagination run wild! We would all meet up at Sam and Kristi’s, whip up a few batches of super simple pizza dough and lay out whatever we brought. We met our amazing best friends and experienced a culinary awakening. On Fridays we would send out a little group text noting whatever extras we had in our refrigerators—whatever needed to be used up or was about to be tossed out was fair game. Some nights we would make large pizzas, other nights we’d opt for lots of little pies. (Pinterest comes in handy if you end up with really strange combinations of ingredients!)

(Image credits: Ashley Poskin) Eventually, this took the place of ordering delivery which kept money in our pockets and helped keep our food waste to a minimum —all while enjoying the company of our favorite folks. While revelations of brown butter and sage sauces were blowing my mind, I always seemed to be tossing out bits and pieces of extras from recipes that I just didn’t know what to do with.

Updated: 12.11.2014 — 12:07