Before & After: A Modern Update for an Itty-Bitty Bathroom

Gennadiy helped her realize that she had the money to fix up not just her bathroom, but the rest of the apartment as well (more on that in a future post). Elizabeth turned to Sweeten, a New-York area resource that connects homeowners with architects, designers, and contractors, and found Sweeten expert Gennadiy. The new toilet, a wall-mounted style, saves about a foot of space next to the shower. In that space, a lot of little changes made the difference between crammed and glammed (please excuse my little liberties with the English language). And a new in-wall medicine cabinet provides extra space for storage, which allows for a floating vanity, which really helps to open up the space. But it needed a little bit of work. And stay tuned for Apartment Therapy’s coverage of her budget-minded kitchen, bedroom, and living room makeover, coming soon. To read more about Elizabeth’s renovation, check out the project page at Sweeten. The new open, doorless shower also helps the space feel larger, and an allover white palette opens up the space visually. Aesthetically, the space was very late-90s mid-range hotel room: wallpaper, speckled granite countertop, floor-to-ceiling mottled-beige tile. The bathroom. And on the practical end, the inswinging door and teeny, tiny sink made the bathroom feel awkward and cramped. The first order of business?

Updated: 12.11.2014 — 14:07