"Do These Socks Spark Joy?" and Other Decluttering Mantras from Japan’s Leading Organizer — The New York Times

Because paper will never spark joy. We’ve heard of rolling up t shirts, but Kondo has a fairly intricate process for rolling up long sleeved shirts as well. The time you spend rolling is a sort of thank-you to your stuff: your shirts work hard for you, and you’re giving them a little love back. Arrange your clothes by color, with dark, heavy clothes on the left and lighter ones on the right. And you can purchase her book here — just don’t forget to thank us when it changes your life. “Clothes, like people, can relax more freely when in the company of others who are very similar in type, and therefore organizing them by category helps them feel more comfortable and secure.”
Throw out all the paper. The question I should be asking is “does this spark joy?”

Kondo’s unusual ideas about organizing and decluttering combine a near-reverence for objects with a ruthlessness about throwing them out. Hang anything that looks happier hanging up. If you’re intrigued as well, here are some other tips from Kondo’s new book that might help to make you — and your stuff — more happy. When I clean out my closet, I consider items of clothing to give away and ask myself questions like “do I wear this?” “Will I ever wear this?” But according to Marie Kondo, Japan’s leading expert on organizing, I’ve been doing it all wrong. You can see before after pictures, and read more about Kondo’s methods, here.

Updated: 12.11.2014 — 18:07