Contemporary Renovation of a Rural Home by Dom Arquitectura

Breathtaking views of the Cadi in front make this setting, a natural paradise. The badiu was and old haystack, and now becomes a large covered and open space. One group of constructions formed by a haystack, a barn, a warehouse, a small house and badiu belonged to our client who wanted to rehabilitate the space set and make his home and several guest pavilions. We keep the volumes of the existing buildings, rehabilitating their facades and roofs and redistributing all interior spaces. The idea is to create large spaces, in a rural environment, where the surroundings privileged views become part of the interior. We use a roofing system where is no bonding material between timber and tiles. Located on the north valley side and facing south, the dense rural core is formed by about 20 houses, is surrounded by fields and meadows where agriculture and farming are the main activities. Contemporary Renovation of a Rural Home by Dom Arquitectura
Posted by Erin on November 12th, 2014

Dom Arquitectura have completed the renovation of a historic home in La Cerdanya, Spain. From the architect
The project is located in a small village in La Cerdanya. Most buildings in the village are formed around an era. Inside the house several rooms and guests living areas area faced keeping stone walls, wood coating, using iron elements and combining wood flooring with hydraulic tiles.

Updated: 13.11.2014 — 01:05