Heatherwick’s Garden Bridge soars over first planning hurdle

“We’re in the thought-leading capital of the world and right at the geographical centre of that city is the biggest gap in the rhythm of the crossings across the river.”

The Garden Bridge is expected to begin construction next year to avoiding clashing with the   proposed Thames Tideway Tunnel, which is due to start in 2017. The proposed 367-metre bridge set to span the river between the South Bank and Covent Garden was granted planning permission by Lambeth Council by five votes to two in a meeting last night. A   petition launched by campaign group Thames Central Open Space opposing the scheme has attracted almost 800 signatures. “If you put this over Battersea, you don’t see the heart of our incredible city.”
“This is the perfect and right place to build this most incredible project,” he told the council. Observer columnist Rowan Moore described it as a vanity project that needs to prove it is worth spending public money on, above other deserving causes. It is fantastic that the Lambeth has helped London take one step closer to making it a reality.”

The bridge will cost £175 million to build – a   sum that has provoked criticism. Related story: Thomas Heatherwick’s gin distillery for Bombay Sapphire opensHeatherwick Studio is working alongside engineers Arup and landscape designer Dan Pearson on the project, which was initially the brainchild of British   actress Joanna Lumley. On hearing the news Thomas Heatherwick commented: “The Garden Bridge will be an extraordinarily special place, either to race across, relax in or look back at the rest of the city’s sights. News: Thomas Heatherwick’s Garden Bridge across the River Thames in London has moved a step closer towards construction, after receiving approval from the first of two local councils. The borough is expected to review the plans before the end of the year.

Updated: 13.11.2014 — 11:06