Next-Level Pop-Ups: 15 Creative Sidewalk Shops & Services

You’d be lucky to pass by the Unhappiness Repairer in the street, a pop-up psychotherapy stand by artist Silvia Neretti that explores the connection between happiness, psychotherapy and design. Remote Controlled Pop-Up Shop

The world’s smallest pop-up shop is no more than a tiny box with a red awning reading ‘SHOP’ on top, zipping around the streets of Tokyo all on its own. miLES also facilitates the short-term rental of these vacant spaces. The shop is built on a tiny remote-controlled car that zooms up to passersby to hawk British designer Duncan Shotton’s tiny push-pin figures. That’s certainly one way to get your products noticed. Neretti asks – Is it possible to design happiness? Pop-Up Psychotherapy

Need to talk to someone about your problems? Stairway Cinema: Pop-Up Sidewalk Theater

Duck under a red awning and take in a film with ‘Stairway Cinema,’ a mobile pop-up movie theater by experimental design collective OH.NO.SUMO. Pop-Up Spa on a Subway Platform

The typically unpleasant sticky heat of the 34th Street subway platform in New York City was turned into a positive with The Subway Spa, a prank by performance group Improv Everywhere. Fitted with a movie screen and a projector, the theater can be grafted onto the steps of vacant buildings. Sure, she’s not a licensed therapist, but the idea of having such easy access to mental health services is an intriguing one. These 13 off-the-wall pop-up shops offer some of the most unusual goods and services that you could ever expect to find in your path while going about your day in the city. Pop-Up Store Tool Kit to Transform Vacant Lots

Got an idea for your own pop-up? Customers pay via PayPal and wait on an ‘X’ marked on the street until their sandwich comes floating down.

Updated: 12.11.2014 — 23:07