Split & Slide: Modular Dividers Make 3 Rooms in Single Space

Comment on Facebook The fixed-in-place spaces are reserved for open living and dining areas as well as a bathroom in one corner of the unit. Sliding panels can also provide privacy when desired, separating the more open space from the modular-room side of the apartment. The three suspended sections offer shelves and cabinets and variously create a kitchen, dining or living room depending on how they are configured and positioned relative to the room and one another. Fold-down tables and a fold-out bed are able to be accessed as needed while the walls are variously occupied by storage, openings or unique decorative, fun and functional touches (like a blackboard for sketching ideas during meetings). If the system looks familiar: it is based on the sliding stacks often used to save space in libraries.

Updated: 13.11.2014 — 01:07