Why your website needs a landing page

Don’t bore people with large blocks of information to read. Before you start your advertising campaign and set up a page to capture traffic, ask yourself what you want potential customers to do when they get to your website. Good landing pages are designed to focus attention towards visitors engaging in one action. A good landing page holds your visitor’s attention and captures information through a lead form. There is nothing to lose and sales to gain! If you want your landing page to consistently deliver results, try to keep the following points in mind:
Short and simple is best: the internet is a busy place, and most internet users have notoriously short attention spans. Landing pages should answer your visitors problems quickly and easily. Limit distractions: keep your landing page clutter free. If you are using a home page as your landing page, be assured you are losing valuable sales leads. Connecting people by passion not location really curls his whiskers. How do I make my landing page work for me? Value add: make sure the offer you make is compelling and clearly demonstrated to the demographic you have targeted. Why your website needs a landing page
A landing page is more than simply page to send targeted traffic too. A landing page for teenagers
A landing page for orthopaedic shoes
A landing page for sports shoes
A page for business types
A page for your Christmas specials
Each page could be similar in layout but designed differently in terms of graphics and colors so each demographic feels at home when they arrive to the landing page you’ve created for them. You can also use multiple landing pages for various campaigns. A landing page, on the other hand, might be considered an open door. Imagine your home page is the shop front window: the buyer may stop and admire your products, but if you cannot engage the buyer’s interest, they are just as likely to continue window-shopping onto the next website, and chances are you will never see them again. Do you want them to see the latest products you have to offer? Beginning a PPC Campaign
Promoting a new product, book or sale
Advertising in offline media such as TV, radio newspapers
Building your email list
Want to target a particular type of client
Creating a landing page to capture leads is an easy and effective way to improve online marketing strategies, drive sales figures and collect important data for future marketing campaigns. A landing page could be designed to convert traffic into sales, gather new enquiries, gain social media followers or email sign-ups. Simply put, you should never start any online advertising campaign without a landing page in place to capture the leads you generate. You definitely need a landing page if you are… It is a standalone page that appears in response to clicking on an advertisement or email link, engages directly with the potential buyer, and captures data to generate sales opportunities. You don’t want your potential leads leaving so hide website navigation and information on landing pages.

Updated: 12.11.2014 — 23:07