Worry-Free Decluttering: 8 Things to Get Rid of that You’ll Never Even Know Are Gone

Kill me now.)
Party Supplies: Paper plates, napkins, and candles hold such promise and are hard to resist – of a perfect evening with friends and convivial conversation, decorated just so. Travel Size Toiletries: Are you one of those people who just grab the hotel shampoo and soap, and stuff it in your luggage, even if you don’t need it? If you have a huge stash that you’ve squirreled away somewhere, think about paring down the collection. Vases: These breed faster than rabbits, especially those generic FTD-type vessels that lack personality. You have enough stuff to make until the Apocalypse at this rate, so time to cull the collection, use what you have, or get rid of it. Harmless enough gestures at the time, there’s no denying their tendency to linger without true purpose. Let go of that visual notch in your literary bedpost, and free yourself from housing an entire library. If you are starting a long-overdue purging process, start with this list. Coffee Mugs: Many people mindlessly collect mugs, much like business cards or matchbooks. If you’ve ever been gifted flowers, you know these are unwelcome interlopers amongst actual useful glassware. (I’m just realizing that I have “favorite” Tupperware. It’s easier to ditch stuff that you don’t care about, have duplicates of, or just don’t really need. Books: Don’t worry about the classics, go for the cheap thrillers in paperback you have lying around — the ones clogging your nightstand and needlessly crowding your shelves. It’s one thing to get rid of items that have a lot of sentimental value. Old Medication: It feels weird to get rid of something that requires a medical license procure. Trust me: you won’t miss a thing once they are gone. Take a moment to get rid of extra lids, super stained plastic ones, and the ones you never ever use. I’m all for pushing the expiration dates beyond what’s recommended, but do toss the ones that are dated from 2005 or that you have no idea what they are. Most likely you won’t pick up these same books twice, especially in today’s digital age. (Image credits: Carolyn Purnell)

Updated: 12.11.2014 — 23:07