Planning sought for revised Buchanan Quarter scheme

The cinema, and by extension leisure facilities generally, are signaled using a glazed light box at the south facing end of the cinema.”
Construction work was originally scheduled to commence this year but has now been delayed until April, with completion not expected until March 2018. The arch forms a key feature in the lighting strategy.”
Cladding for these new elements will be a mixture of concrete panels, limestone and granite. In their design statement BDP explained: “The north cutting building spans over the railway lines below. | Send to friend

November 12 2014

BDP have submitted long-awaited plans for the redevelopment of Glasgow’s Buchanan Galleries shopping centre to Glasgow City Council on behalf of Land Securities. Amongst planned public realm improvements is a new arrivals square at Queen Street Station, with BDP noting: “In Dundas Street the taxi turning area is to be removed to create a pedestrian friendly environment where the transport hubs converge. A
series of bow trusses support the majority of the building whilst an expressed arch is incorporated in to the façade giving this elevation a unique character. This will serve to open up the roof level catering space populated by restaurants and external terraces. The existing steps and stepped ramp arrangement are to be reconfigured with natural stone finishes. At street level the base of the building is expressed using granite cladding. This will be flanked by a structural arch, mirroring the curves of the station below. Limestone cladding is used to define the northern most building on North Hannover Street The smaller stone module contrasts with the larger panels on the department store. BDP wrote: “Large scale concrete panels of the department store are continued along North Hanover Street.

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