Richard Murphy Architects pen Cambridge Science Centre build

Built in an atrium format the new building will connect with a neighbouring Science faculty building on five levels, flanked by areas of new hard landscaping. Although three storeys high, half a storey is sunk below pavement level, the eaves level of the building is deliberately aligned with the adjacent dwellings and the fenestration is domestic in size. In a statement Richard Murphy Architects wrote: “The design places a domestically scaled elevation onto the Broad Street frontage. The modelling of the elevation has been indented to reflect the bay windows, a characteristic of the Conservation Area. This is further minimised by a cascade of roof and strip windows.” New and upgraded facilities contained within the centre include a new lecture theatre and ‘super laboratory’ where classes from differing disciplines can be brought together and taught within a unified space.

Updated: 13.11.2014 — 11:10