Onefootball HQ by TKEZ features turfed meeting rooms and a running track

Photography is by Benjamin A Monn. More turf covers the wall behind the curved white reception desk, opposite a green locker room-style cabinet that displays signed football shirts. “Custom fit to the young firm’s sporty spirit, we designed a work environment for 90 employees, fulfilling all the needs and requirements of a multi-functional contemporary office space.”

Artificial turf was used to create the track through the circulation space from end to end of the L-shaped floor plan. A three-lane running track weaves around this office for a football app company, by architects TKEZ, leading to goals for penalty shootouts during work breaks (+ slideshow). Axonometric diagram –   click for larger imageFloor plan –   click for larger imageSectional diagram of the arena –   click for larger imageSectional diagram of the office space – click for larger image The team at Munich-based   TKEZ designed the 1,400-square-metre office for Onefootball inside a former factory building in Berlin’s Prenzlauerberg area. Open desk areas run along both sides of the green strip, while goal posts are positioned at each end for practicing skills during breaks. Diagrams depicting match tactics are marked out across areas of grey flooring in the dining area, where employees can play table football in front of a wall display of team scarves. The track leads from a lift in the centre of the office, where staff and visitors enter, and passes turfed meeting rooms partitioned with floor-to-ceiling glazing.

Updated: 14.11.2014 — 17:55