The 10 best creative apps for tablets

“It has an intuitive user interface and is super responsive; rotating and zooming the canvas is easy and the tools feel natural,” reader Matt Hubel explains. Start out by choosing a specified emotion, and then tweak away until you’re happy with the end result. ArtStudio
Concept artist Robh Ruppel uses ArtStudio, whether indoors or outPlatform: iOS
Developer: Lucky Clan
Price: iPad: £2.99, iPhone: £1.99
“ArtStudio is one of my favourites,” concept artist Robh Ruppel tells us. Drawing programs
Over recent years, many great drawing and painting apps have become available for tablets and smart phones. Reference material can be imported straight from your tablet’s camera, Google and even YouTube, and you’re able to draw straight into your collage. Its three-point light system means the tool is also a useful source of reference for working out where light would fall across your character. While its interface may not be as clear as other programs, the painting results are well defined, and the ability to export PSD files is extremely useful. “It’s the only app where I don’t feel like I’m fighting the interface.”
03. He’s not the only one. Color Pal
The nifty free app Color Pal presents users with a comprehensive colour guidePlatform: Android
Developer: John Veldboom
Price: Free
Choosing the correct colour combinations can be trickier than expected, especially when trying out an experimental new palate. Whether looking for something to use while you’re on the move or in need for a way to get your anatomy right, there are many apps out there that once discovered, may well become an integral part of your creative process. ArtRage
Illustrator Nick Harris has been a big fan of ArtRage for some timePlatform: iOS
Developer: Ambient Design
Price: iPad: £2.99, iPhone: £1.49
Many of ArtRage’s signature features have made it into the iPad app, with one of its key strengths being the ability to create digital art with a traditional visual flair, thanks to its dynamic watercolour and oil brushes. It also includes an anatomy mode featuring detailed muscle maps. 08. 09. 06. Handy – An Artist’s Reference Tool

Platform: iOS, Android
Developer: Belief Engine
Price: iPhone/iPad: £1.49, Android tablet/phone: £0.63
Hands are the bane of many artists’ lives, but thanks to this useful app, Handy, drawing realistic hands can become a whole lot easier. With further updates on the horizon, the app comes with a selection of 24 different poses that can be applied to left and right hands, modelled in full 3D. 05. The nifty free app Color Pal presents users with a comprehensive colour guide, with all of the latest shades from Take a look at our guide and tell us what you think in the comments section below. 04. This article originally appeared in   ImagineFX   issue 92. Creative tools
Along with drawing programs, there are many other useful apps that could prove to be worthy additions to your toolkit. Words: Beren Neale
Beren Neale is commissioning editor at Creative Bloq. 02. ArtStudio has become increasingly popular due to its image-editing capabilities as well as digital painting tools, making it a versatile creative package. It’s a fun way to create stylised pieces with a traditional edge. SketchBook Pro
Mark Behm painted this Aboriginal bunyip using Sketchbook on his iPad, as part of a tutorial for ImagineFX magazinePlatform: iOS, Android
Developer: Autodesk
Price: iPad: £2.99, iPhone: £1.49, Android tablet: £3.11, Android mobile: £1.24
Autodesk’s hugely popular SketchBook series continues to provide users with an accessible and satisfying creative experience (see what we think about the latest Sketchbook Pro 7). Procreate
Procreate fan Nikolai Lockertsen paints with the tablet software on his way to work on the subwayPlatform: iOS
Developer: Savage Interactive
Price: iPad: £2.99
Many artists agree that Procreate has a unique feel. Nikolai Lockertsen painted this on his iPad with Procreate.It seems there really is an app for everything these days, and the popularity of smart phones and tablets have led to higher demands for creative tools for artists of all levels. Adobe Collage
Collage is great to create moodboards of images that you can sharePlatform: iOS, Android
Developer: Adobe
Price: iPad: £6.99, Android tablet: £6.99
For artists who prefer to gather heaps of reference material, Adobe Collage is a portable mood board that you can use to define the atmosphere and visual elements of your project before hitting the drawing board (or screen). Here are a few of our favourite creative apps for digital artists. The tablet edition responds particularly well to stylus input.

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