IKEA Food Around the World: Chestnut Whippy, Fish Balls, Shawarma & More

I was fascinated by the huge variety of offerings in IKEA restaurants and cafes around the world. Swedish meatballs were the most consistent item on the IKEA menus around the world, usually accompanied by either mashed or boiled potatoes or french fries. In some parts of the world, Kuwait and Jakarta for example, the meat is halal. I wondered if IKEA menus were different around the world so I did a little research and discovered, frankly, a lot of things that made me envious, like dulce de leche soft serve in the Dominican Republic, corn dogs in Kuwait, and paella in Romania, just to name a few. And one of my favorite parts of the experience is the restaurant. Hot dogs are well represented in IKEA cafes around the world although there are some interesting variations, as you can see above. Curiously, In Saudi Arabia, sandwiches all seem to be served on bagels. Here are some of the more interesting menu items that, if you’re living in the US, you’re missing out on. Is there anything interesting or surprising on the menu at your local IKEA? And, my language background is English and…Latin, so I heavily relied on Google translate here.]

(Image credits: IKEA; IKEA) Clearly, saving the best for yourself. China and Iceland offer fish-versions and some customers, like the Aussies, can get a small takeaway cup of meatballs in the cafe!

Updated: 14.11.2014 — 07:56