Marc Newson’s "streamlined" 486 shotgun unveiled by Beretta

“My initial source of inspiration came from the idea that pheasants originate and are native to Asia, before being widely introduced elsewhere as a game bird,” Newson explained. Related story: Marc Newson designs “revolutionary” draft beer machine for Heineken
Walnut wood forms a bridge over the tail of the steel receiver surrounding the base of the barrels, separating it from the safety catch and creating a visual break in the metal parts that are usually displayed as a continuous piece. Italian firearms brand Beretta has revealed   Marc Newson’s reinterpretation of the traditional side-by-side   shotgun (+ slideshow). “While most shotguns screw the guard to the bottom of the receiver, the 486 by Marc Newson inserts the trigger guard into a milled guide,” said a statement on Beretta’s website. “The main focus for my design of the 486 was to simplify and rationalise all the surfaces,” said Newson in a statement. “For me it was important to somehow pay homage to this and incorporate a subtle Asian influence into the design.”

The engraving continues onto the trigger guard, which is seamlessly integrated into the receiver and covers the trigger system. The diamond cutting is also used towards the back of the gun, where the other hand grips, and continues the full way around the oiled walnut. Unveiled at an event in London last night, the   486 shotgun by Marc Newson   for Beretta features a new opening lever design and a receiver with an intricate engraving by the London-based industrial designer.

Updated: 15.11.2014 — 10:25