Bike in a Backpack Folds Up Tiny & Weighs Just 11 Pounds

Additional designs and accessories will be available in the future. Comment on Facebook No pedaling necessary – the bike does all the work. While there are plenty of folding bike designs, few of them are quite as small and lightweight as the Impossible, which weighs in at less than 11 pounds. The design is based around circles instead of a single horizontal girder to spread weight equally across the frame. Beijing-based Impossible Technology is currently raising funds for the project on Kickstarter, with backers pledging $430 CAD or more receiving an all-white Impossible bike from the first production run. The seat and handlebars are set at similar heights so the front and rear wheels do equal work to bear the weight of the rider. Folding and unfolding the Impossible is achieved in four simple steps. The riding saddle doubles as the carrying case, keeping the electric charger clean, dry and ready for use.

Updated: 15.11.2014 — 00:26