The 90 best Tumblr blogs for designers

48. 51. Reform
With a tag line of “Every reform movement has a lunatic fringe”, this Tumblr blog is certainly one of the most intriguing we’ve ever come across. Featuring beautiful photography of graphic design, fashion and people, it’s well worth checking out. 29. If you just want to look at the tattoos or the graphic design images, Ostlund has provided some handy tabs at the top of the page. We Love Illustration
Updated on a less frequent basis than Eat Sleep Draw, We Love Illustration is another resource for inspirational work, and according to the site’s owner “is meant to serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for art and illustration lovers”. There’s hundreds of influences and styles, which can only help to improve your own work. Graphic Design Tattoos
Combine your love of graphic design and tattoos with this clever tumblr blogCurated by designer Marc Ostlund, Graphic Design Tattoos showcases the crossover between the two creative disciplines. Drop Shadows
Created by front-end developer David DeSandro, Drop Shadows focuses on the ins and outs development programmes while giving short tutorials on the likes of CSS and JavaScript. The designers are also part of the Vice blogging network which means big things for all you hipsters out there! 87. 03. Martin Parris
As a collage illustrator, Martin finds his inspiration in almost any form of creativityMartin Parris is a mixed media collage   illustrator. Illustration
80. 69. Inspired Mark
Inspired Mark is the Tumblr home of web architect Mark Collins. Inspiring for almost every creative out there, this is one of the best curation-based tumblr blogs out there. You only need to take one look at the accumulation of all things type on Typophile to get your quick fix. The site is run by   24-year-old Santiago-Chile based Sabino Aguad Castoldi and features a wealth of stunning imagery. Sabino also ensure to add credits to each image so you can find out more detail about any of the artists who are featured. Draises True Space
As with most good Tumblr blogs, the ones with real value come from people who are passionate about a specific area of interest. Inspiring Ethan
Ethan Daniel Kociela collates beautiful examples of graphic designEthan Daniel Kociela is a freelance graphic designer and web designer from Montague, Massachusetts. Acting as a sort of online portfolio, you can browse through Steph’s interactive art, web design, graphic design, shorts and fine art. Collecting endless typography inspiration from vintage packaging, recent branding and print design means that whatever typography task you’re faced with, TypeToy is the place to go. Wrap
Wrap magazine’s Tumblr blog features the best images from the print publicationWrap magazine is a UK print magazine celebrating the very best in illustration, design and creative culture. That’s certainly the case when it comes to design-related blogs, of which there are huge numbers to choose from. Whenever Daniel finds anything cool, he posts it on the blog for everyone to see. The Aldas Project
Kirsty Modarelli has creating something truly special in The Aldas Project: 366 Drawings For Good. 36. Tumblr is a micro blogging service and social network that makes it   mega-easy for anyone to set up their own blog. Laughing Squid Links
Laughing Squid is ‘an online resource for interesting art, culture and technology’. Both are sure to inspire creatives from all backgrounds. Starting back in 2009, the blog now has a huge archive of inspiring images taken from places like Flickr, Behance and National Geographic. It is in Spanish, however, so you may need to do a bit of translating first. From cool and unusual product design to extraordinary illustrations, visiting this site that will certainly get you thinking outside-the-box. Designagram
The craze for Instagram just went a little further with this Tumblr. Typostrate
See what you can do with the endless array of typography out thereTypography is everywhere and like most creatives, we love to see it in all its glory. The blog collects numerous inspirational quotes from a range of top dogs in the creative realm. 46. Pop! Graphic Porn
Graphic Porn is a feast for the eyes as soon as you click. Based in Chile, he works as a freelancer creating graphics, visuals, and new projects. Only there’s a twist. One of the best Tumblr blogs for any budding or professional creative. 56. He features all five boroughs of New York, which means that the blog features a colourful expansion of every kind of typography you could ever wish for. The Tumblr is full of inspirational videos and commentary as well as David’s own experiences. 
 Set the name in a retail typeface 
 , cut off some corners in Illustrator 
 3 and cash a big check. There’s paper craft, typography, sculptures, spiders, dogs, wooden lightbulbs… Curioos
Curioos showcase work from up and coming designersCurioos bring you a selection of the very best digital artworks by up and coming illustrators and designers from across the world. We’re kidding, of course. 81. Unhappy Hipsters is a blog that is full of inspiring photographs of modern design and architecture. Describing it as a blog for ‘unconventional thinking and design’,   Błaszczyk regularly updates his site with the out-of-the-ordinary. If that isn’t enough to get you clicking, the site also contains easy to follow web design tutorials focusing on CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery. As Tumblr blogs go, this is a cracker, and Type Worship showcases James’ love of all things typography (and he picks some really good ones) as well as reviews and interviews with typography designers. Let us know in the comments box below. Tech
The intro to this Tumblr blog state that: “Pop! 83. Pratt Jeff Rubio
Jeff Rubio is 22-year-old New York artist and designer currently studying at Pratt Institute. Steph Sassine
Steph Sassine is an interactive designer, combining both digital and graphic development. There’s also some cheeky banter thrown in for good measure – including a dig at Helvetica. Illozine
When you’re looking for that perfect illustration inspiration, completing endless Google searches can really take it out of you. Run by Canadian artist and graphic designer Blair Prentice, he describes it as a ‘repository for art, music and other items of interest.’
Check this site out if you’re looking for something a little different. Design: Related Gallery
Tumblr blog Design:Related Gallery is run by the guys behind community website Design:Related. It’s definitely one to watch, and though only a few months old, we hope bun bun continues to post. 49. 53. The Mighty Pencil
The Mighty Pencil features some amazing illustration workThe Mighty Pencil collective is behind this great Tumblr blog, which features a selection of the best contemporary illustrators and some of the inspiring work they create. 47. 20. Slapdashing
Slapdashing is a blog dedicated to graphic design inspiration. If you’re into UX, it’s definitely one of the best Tumblr blogs you can follow. If you’ve never really ‘got’ typography, then this is the blog to change your mind. The designs featured on the blog mainly stem from print copy, ranging from vintage tendencies to those with futuristic scope. Whilst walking around the city, Luke takes out his Nikon D700 and clicks away at any lettering that takes his fancy. There’s plenty of inspiration to be had here, as the guys don’t stick to one discipline. 13. When he’s not creating new works for a load of new clients, he collates beautiful examples of graphic design in this brilliant tumblr blog. 22. Featuring a range of tabs including brand identity, icongraphy, interface and typography, Inspired Mark has everything you’ll ever need to see what works. They’re rather nice, aren’t they? There’s video content, print designs, packaging, books and basically anything that looks nice! Web design
60. Money goes to one of three non-profit organizations: 826 National, The Schoerke Foundation, and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. 28. Relatively new to Tumblr, Hong Kong student ‘bun bun’ is posting frequent updates via sketches and videos. She has also dabbled in illustration and print design, which you can check out via the left-hand tabs. 61. You can easily contact Miguel for projects or to contribute your own illustrations for illozine. It may just open your eyes into a new creative world. Functioning as a diverse platform for all things African and/or African-related, this Tumblr blog puts a positive spin on a part of the world often portrayed in a negative light. From me to you
From Me To You is the Tumblr of NYC-based photographer Jamie Beck. Take a look at UX Rave for inspiration, infographics and interfaces, with handy tips and examples of success stories. Little Big Details
Little Big Details does just what it says on the tin, showing us the importance of the little details. Started in 2006, the website itself brings together creative people to share their work with others and the blog features projects from those in that community. 76. UX Rave
Sometimes the nitty-gritty of user experience can get a little tedious. 21. 31. The blog is very professional-looking, with its artistic appearance and sleek layout. The team manage to find some of the weirdest and most wonderful work from around the world, so you’re sure to find some ideas on how to really stretch your imagination. Gather
Gather is the Tumblr blog of Georg Petschnigg who is the CEO and co-founder of New York and Seattle based FiftyThree, a company that develops tools for mobile creation. Sometimes, he’ll even comment on why he likes them – only if you’re lucky, though. The layout of the site is easy to use, with external links and useful websites for a creative in any field. 68. Adult Art Club
An elegant output for the Adult Art Club tumblr blogA creative practice working in the grey area of design, art direction and illustration, Adult Art Club is run by Jonny Costello. Updated on an almost hourly basis, if the best Tumblr blogs were decided on frequency of posting, it would be a clear winner. Stare at your dream home and find some inspiration in the meantimeSurprisingly, you can find tonnes of inspiration in interior design no matter which design method you currently practise. Ranging from the unpaid to the plain unbelievable, Clients From Hell will have you laughing in astonishment. This gorgeous Tumblr blog does exactly what it says on the tin and showcases incredible typography illustrations and inspiring videos from around the web. Phew! It’s this ease of use, and social appeal, that’s seen Tumblr serve more than 45 million sites. 72. Featuring designs on print, on buildings and on just about anything, you can see for yourself just how much typography can go. 32. Wallpaper*
Wallpaper* – great print publication, great Tumblr blogThe high-end architecture, design, fashion, art and lifestyle magazine Wallpaper* has extended itself onto the Tumblr platform, bringing together the best images from As it’s also completely unedited and personal, Field Study is truer to life than most. 34. 58. The CSS and JavaScript tutorials are a particular highlight for any aspiring designer. Women of Graphic Design
A design blog aimed at sparking discussion about the design industryThis is a blog dedicated to exhibiting design work by women in the graphic design field. Focusing on user interface inspiration, the site showcases all the components that make up some of your favourite programmes. Featuring everything from gorgeous black and white portraits to brilliant cityscapes, there’s something here for everyone. The World We Live In
If you’re into landscape and cityscape photography then you should definitely follow this gorgeous Tumblr The World We Live In. The curated content is some of the best on the internet and really separates the site from other Tumblr blogs. As well as posting up lots of pretty pictures and awesome layouts, it sub-categorises its features to make the blog as user-friendly as possible. Curated by designers Shyra and Veronika, this Tumblr blog is a virtual pinboard for their favourite pieces, and is a great place to get lost in some seriously cool work. This is a great number for a company publishing blogs, but for users it becomes difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Perfect for web inspiration, tips and tutorials. Career
55. Jeff regularly posts inspirational projects and designs that have recently caught his eye, showcasing his eager approach to learning about the world of design. 3D
88. Definitely one of the more different Tumblr blogs in our list. 14. Typography
45. They also feature a paragraph or two with every post, so you know exactly what you’re looking at; with handy links too! Charlotte Audrey Owen-Meehan
We’ll be scrolling Charlotte’s Tumblr for hours thanks to her colour pop findsIf you love colour, Charlotte is your go-to girl for popping inspiration. It’s alive and kicking on Graphic Porn. 44. 40. Whether you’re starting out in typography or you’re a seasoned pro, TypeToy is the perfect Tumblr blog for you. If you ever find yourself at a creative standstill, this is definitely a blog you should be bookmarking. Including photography, graphic design, illustration and portfolio updates from some of the best designers, this is a tumblr blog to fall in love with. 9-bits
9-Bits is brought to you by designer and web developer David Kaneda. Field Study
Field Study is a Tumblr blog created by NYC based product/UX/UI designer and illustrator Keenan Cummings. Get involved whilst they’re still fresh! Often posting about works in progress, it’s a great insight into the life of a working designer. It’s one of the best Tumblr blogs for web designers. See it for yourself at Visual Sundae
Visual Sundae celebrates all types of art and designVisual Sundae is a beautiful, image-led blog that celebrates all types of art and design, from typography to illustration, posters to sculptures. The moment you visit, you’re faced with tons of type variations, styles and trends. There’s also a questions tab, which means Steph is at hand for any queries. Photojojo
Photojojo, the store that sells gear for the modern photographer, also run this cool Tumblr blog, which shows off cool photography related projects. 86. If you find yourself struggling to gain the momentum needed for the day, take a look at Startup Quote. The blog also links to a site filled with great tutorials and further inspiration for all your creative needs. You can also visit Mark’s personal website at Head here if you’re looking for career advice as well as some lovely imagery. nvsblty
nvsblty is the Tumblr blog of designer Ross Berens, which features a range of inspirational examples of typography, print design, photography and graphic design. A great site for any budding creative. If you like looking and cool and quirky designs from all creative fields then you should definitely follow this site. Georg has an impressive history, with over 10 years of entrepreneurial experience and an in-depth background in design and technology. 11. Game Design Tips
The clue’s in the title of this tumblr blogThe clue is in the title with this tumblr blog for designers. It’s a wonderful insight into the world of design, with many of the photographs posted by non-designers. It’s Complicated
“All my life I have always needed more,” is the quote by Elizabeth Wurtzel on Leslie Seuffert’s blog It’s Complicated. Well, we couldn’t ignore that, could we? Currently, the first few pages are full of extremely inspiring, weird, and sometimes terrifying, pieces of work. The Made Shop
The Made Shop collates great design from across the globeThe Made Shop is a brilliant Tumblr blog from a brilliant team of designers, bringing you the best innovative work from across the globe, whether that be in photography, branding, illustration or film art direction. Moreover, every Sunday they pick a ‘designer of the week’ – with their work featured on the blog, Facebook and Twitter. 39. Also featured are GIT submodules, jQuery and WebKit. Visva
Visva is a stunning inspirational Tumblr that features the likes of photography, fashion, print design and branding. In fact, it’s easy to find yourself 30 pages into this Tumblr blog and suddenly wonder where the last two hours went (and why you’re behind on that article you should have submitted over an hour ago). Have a look at all things nice on Nice Things We Like – a Tumblr designed for nice creatives. Juxtaposed
Juxtaposed is the Tumblr blog of 18-year-old Daniel, who describes himself as “someone so average that it’s interesting”. Jamie’s a great photographer, and you’ll find a selection of her work here. Design Clever
This blog was created to showcase talented designers all over the worldDesign Clever is a collaboration   by Jonathan Ring   and Bethany Baker – two aspiring Graphic Designers with a passion for everything design related. We and the Color
Number 20 in our best Tumblr blogs for designers is We and the Color, a creative outlet for showcasing the very best in graphic design, illustration and art inspiration. What’s more, you can stare at your dream home for hours. 82. The design blog
The design blog prides itself on being different from most inspirational Tumblr blogs. Graphic design
33. Lefty Lens
LeftyLens is the Tumblr blog of Rei Mooney, a Hawaiian based photographer. 77. 59. Its Tumblr blog showcases its best work as well as work that inspires them. Elisa also has a personal blog, where she posts some very nice imagery and videos which are well worth checking out. It’s a neat little accumulation of type from around the web that’s a perfect solution to any inspirational woes. This regularly updated Tumblr blog extracts the best of designs on the platform and is open to submissions. We especially love the idea of including fashion photography and fashion design within the blog. 54. 78. 26. ME: Why? The blog benefits from a clean design, a helpful tagging system, and above all a great selection of work. 65. 73. Check out the kid who turns into a car! Inspire me now
Run by user experience designer Szymon Błaszczyk, Tumblr blog Inspire me now was started in 2007. Regularly updated, this is the place to find fresh work by up-and-coming photographers. You can check out their Twitter for more Pop! Tumblr3D
What can we say? 79. And, after winning the People’s Voice Award for Best Cultural Blog last year, it’s clearly doing a good job at finding interesting and engaging content. Ross definitely shares the Tumblr love, as most of his pictures are sourced from fellow bloggers – as well as some of his own finds of course! Most typographers would never dream of committing such horrific crimes but do yourself a favour and check this out before you get designing. Ok, maybe not every kind but the whole of New York is a pretty good start! 57. Here, 3D artist Draise provides a resource for the freeware 3D graphics and animation package trueSpace. This site actually brings you fantastic illustrations from old and ancient books, with references to the illustrators and where they first appeared. Rei’s Tumblr blog features a selection of her work (more of which you can find on her official site), but also offers a snapshot – via images, naturally – into the life of a professional photographer. Here, the Font Police get it right with a dig at those cringe-worthy offenders that make even the most laid-back scream at the screen in astonishment. 27. Miguel’s work is gorgeous and it’s great to see him share some of his illustration inspiration. Typography Feed
Typography Feed’s design allows the featured work to singTypography Feed is an image-led Tumblr gallery that serves up a beautiful examples of typography from around the web. Quirksville
Quirksville is the collaborative Tumblr blog of London’s visually creative graphic design and illustration duo Naomi Ray and Justina Bailey. The idea behind Aldas (pronounced ull-dosh, and Hungarian for “blessing”) is to create a new illustration for every day of 2012 – a challenge in itself – but to also raise money for a number of charities by selling off the artwork via an Etsy page. It also has a page dedicated to awesome design and type related books. It features her work with clients such as Volkswagen, Delta and Nike, which will serve as perfect inspiration for any budding designer. 01. Ely Folio
Ely Folio is the online portfolio of Portuguese designer Elisa Sophia. 67. well, you get the idea. Whether the shifts are happening in education, in professional practice or on the front line, the team at More Than This will be on hand to let you know. Taking examples from almost every type of website, this tumblr blog is a great source of design inspiration if you’re looking to create your own button style. Here, you’ll find an array of inspiration from gifs to photography to striking 3D creations. Photography
70. The blog also contains a job listings tab, which is a perfect outlet for aspiring developers. And when she finds more, usually in the form of amazing photos, she shares them here. Brought to you by the collective Everyday Institute, the blog strives to document and comment on the ever-changing role of design as it’s happening. 24. A nicely organised source of inspiration, and if you’re not looking for anything specific, you can always try the ‘Random’ button. A freelance designer and illustrator based in Birmingham, she works for the likes of Lonely Planet, Poke London and Orange. I am a copy writer and lecturer for design history from Germany. Gura Fiku
Gura Fiku documents Japanese graphic design over timeHere’s something a bit different. Sifting through the posts, it’s comforting to see the range in which graphic design can breathe life into a somewhat ‘dying medium’. Curated by designer Ryan Hageman, Gura Fiku – which is how Japanese people pronounce the word ‘graphic’ – documents Japanese graphic design over time, and catalogues the differences, and crossovers, between eastern and western approaches to graphic design. Eatsleepdraw
Presented as an online art gallery, Eat Sleep Draw brings you huge amounts of inspirational illustration and art each week. Check them out, and then read on to discover the best Tumblr blogs for the specific disciplines of graphic design, illustration, typography, web design and photography… Did we miss your favourite Tumblr blog? A great place to see the work of others as well as network with designers worldwide
17. With over 19,000 followers on Twitter, it’s clear to see that designers from across the globe appreciate an inspirational quote or two. 07. Leivos
If you’re looking for illustration-based inspiration then look no further, as Leivos provides daily posts that showcase work from illustrators around the world. This is my personal library. 74. Based in New York, Michelle is an avid graphic designer and motion graphic artist. Megan McIsaac
This is the photo journal of professional photographer Megan Kathleen McIsaac, and showcases Megan’s work and life as a photographer. Set up by a collective of designers, this Tumblr showcases some of the best client horror stories. Design curation
Our first lot of Tumblr blogs all seek to surface and curate the best and most inspiring design work on the planet, across discplines. 85. This Tumblr blog is beautifully laid out and easy to navigate. Baubau House
Baubau Haus is one of the best curated-based blogs out thereBaubauhaus is here to feed your daily need of design, illustration, photography, fashion and of all else art-related. There’s an array of inspiration that you may not instantly class as design related but once you get stuck in, you can reap the design benefits. Design Dust
Design Dust is a Tumblr blog bringing together great examples of photography, graphic design, fashion, architecture and other creative matter. We think it achieves both. The blog is full of inside tips and tricks. A great place to visit for a quick burst of design inspiration. This is one blog you wouldn’t want to be featured on! On Tumblr 3D you’ll find inspiration, tutorials, news and a whole lot more. NYC Type
Luke Connolly likes New York and what better way is there to express that love than by photographing its best typography? 23. More Than This
If you’ve ever wondered where the world of design is heading, take a look at More Than This. Created by Costa Rican Ricardo, Good Typography concentrates on well, good typography. TypeToy
This stunning Tumblr blog states its content as “graphic finds” but it’s so much more than that. Dynamic Africa
Dynamic Africa offers vibrant and colourful celebration of the continent and its visual culture. Charmingly, the blog finishes off with an ‘aimless crap’ tab – a more light-hearted approach to inspiring creatives. Unhappy Hipsters
After coming across this Tumblr recently, we couldn’t not include it in our list. Well Made Studio
Design industry advice and inspiration, Well Made Studio have a well put-together TumblrWell Made Studio is a team of designers working for lifestyle, arts and publishing clients. The blog is an instant feast for the eyes, as it features art, design, technology, fashion, music and adverts. Tabs include typography, branding, UI and packaging, which means there’s plenty of inspiration to be had. Scanned Life
This is the surreal playground of Sean Godsey, and includes all manner of weird and wonderful illustrations and animations. Well, that’s where Illozine comes in handy – a Tumblr blog dedicated to the curation of awesome and inspiring illustrations. 10. Still very much in its early days, the blog offers tips and advice about making it in the gaming industry with a whole host of adorable illustrations. 06. For instance, there are links to Ross’s svpply and playlist. They care about young designers and the work they’re creating. Inspiring and enlightening. With an archive going back to April 2011, there’s plenty to keep you inspired and entertained. You’ll also find some really inspiring cinemagraphs on her site, with good reason, because Jamie was the co-founder of the whole cinemagraph movement. Outside of the main site, the team also run a Tumblr called Laughing Squid Links, which collects together cool posts from Laughing Squid and around the web. Look out, world! 15. 42. Tumblr blogs can be set up in a matter of minutes – get some pro tips for creating a design blog here – and having a Tumblr account also enables you to ‘follow’ other people via their Tumblr blogs. This Isn’t Happiness
Ranked as one of the 100 best blogs on the internet and a regular attendee in blog roundups (including this one) This Isn’t Happiness is a collection of art, photography, design and disappointment. A brilliant idea from its founders, writer Molly Jane Quinn and graphic designer Jenna Talbott. Each image is accompanied by a brilliant, dead-pan caption, which gives each image a entirely different feel. 38. It is meant to be a source for learning and sharing, and ultimately, a platform to spark discussion. “This blog was created to showcase talented designers all over the world and their amazing talents,” they explain. If you’re looking for a range of inspiration, interviews and openly honest commentary, then Field Study is the place for you. Beautiful Type
Beautiful Type was   started in 2010 by two web designers, Francis Chouqet and Aurélien Foutoyet, who share the same passion for typography. 16. House of Buttons
The buttons are taken from almost every type of websiteCurated by Jason Long, House of Buttons is a collection of great UI buttons spotted in the wild. Baunau
Here, you’ll find inspiration from everything including gifs, photography and more19-year-old digital artist and graphic designer Sebastian Andaur loves colours. Make sure you follow for the all the latest news in the creative world as well as a great injection of humour. 43. The design is simple, which is the best choice for a site that showcases such gorgeous work.

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