An Indoor Jungle from Down Under — The Planthunter

A few plants were added to the space, followed by a few more and then a few more (yup, I know this scenario all too well!). With an arctic blast quickly heading towards the East coast, I know my outdoor gardening days are limited. Many were salvaged from the street or random garden clippings until an indoor jungle started to flourish. Over the span of 17 years, this DIY garden has transformed his space. A treehouse suspended from the roof was eventually added for extra room and a sleeping loft, which also became somewhat of a trellis for the plants. (Image credits: Daniel Shipp for The Planthunter) You’ll find a fig tree, monstera, palm lily, devils ivy growing around a heart shaped wire frame, a worm composting bin, and even a disco ball! But what’s super clever about Mathieu’s space (or a travesty in the making for the uncoordinated)? So begins the time of year where I turn my attention to my indoor garden, along with reveling in the inspiring gardens of others. Born out of the desire for more natural sunlight, Mathieu who is an architect, decided to install a few skylights.

Updated: 15.11.2014 — 00:27