Small Space Secrets: Go Long and Low with a Console

Spotted on Freunde von Freunden. Spotted on From the Right Bank. But a long, low console is a great way to visually extend a room, take advantage of a space underneath windows that otherwise would go unused, and add a whole whole lot of storage to boot. You can also get this look with a few wall mounted shelves, hung right above the floor. From Livet Hemma. This one may seem a bit counterintuitive: when it comes to small spaces, we usually think about small furniture — and going vertical. This isn’t really a console so much as a half-height bookcase, but it’s the same idea. But you can get the look with furniture, too. There’s even room on top for an entire gallery wall. Spotted on Decor8. Elle Decoration via Sacramento Street. Here’s the same look in a smaller space, from My World Apart. (A few IKEA PS cabinets lined up would do the trick, in a pinch.) From Residence Magazine. I especially like the look of a low console in a bedroom. So this space (from Domino) isn’t exactly small, but it perfectly demonstrates how a long, low console can recapture unused space under the windows. Spotted on A Merry Mishap. From Annixen. You get a lot of extra storage, and keeping the furniture low keeps the space feeling light and open. A wall mounted console amplifies the feeling of spaciousness by adding extra space under the console, too. or shoes!) underneath the console for even more storage space.

Updated: 15.11.2014 — 14:27