Could This Be the Color of 2015?

It’s warm and organic. It acts like a neutral with almost any other colors. Camille Hermand

Reaching across the color wheel, olive finds a comfortable pair with all shades of orange. Tough to say. A trend is nothing more than a mild shopping alert.”

So, start your engines and grab your credit cards, olive green lovers. Earth-inspired hues look great at home, too. And the best part about olive green? By most people’s meters, the conclusive “color of the year” isn’t official until it’s announced by Pantone at the previous year’s end. With or without the backing of Pantone’s experts, olive green is definitely becoming more popular, based on a cursory glance at new rooms and collections coming from decorators and designers. What to Mix with Olive Green

Designers are seeing and loving muted colors that remind them of the Renaissance era: dusty blue, beige, plum, and eggplant. I’m reminded of a great quote from an Apartment Therapy reader Bee for Brian on a post about knowing when a trend is over: “A trend is not a statement that a design idea is good or bad or lasting or evanescent or right or wrong. If you like the shade, you could be seeing a lot more of it in stores in the coming months. We’re seeing this particular color pop up everywhere lately. This could be your alert. Ann Lowengart

For a more calming vibe, olive pairs well with other cool or warm neutrals. And guess what? That’s right: Olive Green. Modern and vintage at the same time. In Pantone’s recently published Fashion Color Report, they’re reporting “a move toward the cooler and softer side of the color spectrum.” The biggest note in the Spring 2015 fashion palette: Nature-like neutrals.

Updated: 15.11.2014 — 18:27