Bracket All the Things: Reclaimed-Surface Tables & Shelves

Using the same design strategies, the Floyd Shelf mounts to walls and will let you swap in and out whatever you want to use With its industrial aesthetic, the adjustable bracket set lends itself particularly well to rugged or worn found materials. High design furniture is inaccessible and mass produced often means disposable,” says O’Dell. “One of our goals is to really rethink the way people buy and engage with furniture—from the purchasing experience to shipping and assembly,” says Hoff. The legs were born out of this circumstance and the idea also resonated with our friends. The Floyd Leg serves as a pilot piece for a greater line of products that the company will be launching in September 2014. “We’re committed to producing simple, flexible furniture made for denser living in cities. The Floyd Legs are produced in Detroit utilizing the existing manufacturing infrastructure. With an initial goal of producing 100 sets, the pair raised funds for an initial run of over 1,500 sets and shipped to 33 countries. “We appreciate having our production facility only a 10 minute drive away. We decided to launch a Kickstarter to gauge what the public reaction would be to the legs,” says Kyle Hoff, creator and co-founder. The owner simply splices the desired   surface   between the colorful and variable-height brackets, be it reused lumber and scraps or new off-the-shelf boards – as a bonus, the bracket system means the surfaces can also be uneven. It allows us to more close- ly integrate the manufacturing and design processes, while also ensuring the quality of our prod-ucts,” says Hoff. “I was moving frequently between cities and constantly disposing of furniture.

Updated: 16.11.2014 — 04:07