Lauryn’s ‘Glam Meets Bohemian’ San Diego Home — House Tour

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Lauryn’s apartment itself is fairly generic, but her tour provides plenty of inspiration for taking a neutral space and making it your own. For the bar area, there are black and white photos hanging over the gold cart for a total bar experience (also in the living room). Think: lounge chairs, bar cart (hey…summertime skinny margaritas!!), a dog bed, and a full set of table and chairs (hand painted by Julie). Biggest Challenge: The biggest challenge were the two patios. For instance, there’s a super tall candle holder on my living room table. Open Slideshow

Resources of Note:

PAINT COLORS• SW6385 Dover White, Sherwin-Williams

LIVING ROOM• Couch: Z Gallerie
• Chair: vintage
• Table: CB2
• Rug: vintage
• Coffee table books: Barnes Noble, eBay, consignment stores
• Pillows: West Elm
• Candle sticks: Home Goods
• Teal console: Home Goods


•Plates: Restoration Hardware


•Skull: Child of Wild

BAR CART• Pictures: Society Six
• Bar cart: Society Social
• Coasters: Anthropologie
• Bowls: Anthropologie
• Glassware: Home Goods


• Office decor: West Elm, Jayson Home, Home Goods, vintage

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Thanks, Lauryn! She found this gem of a chair in Palm Springs and we painted it white with added gold touches. Ultimately we decided to again, create an ‘experience.’ One patio is sort of a zen-like space with a fountain, comfortable couches, a tiny cafe table, and candles. I can’t take all the credit, though — I had major help from Natalie of Halfway to Harmony. Instead of feeling like you’re in one big room, you feel like there’s little rooms within the one room. (Image credits: LK Griffin Photography) We even added teal/gold garland. The majority of my home is white with splashes of teal and a bit of gold. What Friends Say: My friends love to come over because I provide chilled rosé, Brazilian jazz, coconut milk candles, and the sound of the fountain. Specifically, she says: “if I had to put a label on Lauryn’s style, I’d say it’s a multi-dimensional combination of glam meets bohemian with an occasional visit from a rocker”). Name: Lauryn Evarts two chihuahuas, Pixy Bean and T.Boone PickensLocation: Del Mar, San Diego, CaliforniaSize: 1 bedroom/1 bathYears lived in: 2 years

Lauryn Evarts is the blogger behind the Skinny Confidential, a lifestyle site about fitness, wellness, health, relationships, fashion, beauty, and everything in between. Inspiration: I find inspiration everywhere. Follow Apartment Therapy’s board House Tours Apartment Therapy on Pinterest. Come on in and take a look around. Julie found me a couple of vintage pieces to incorporate with my bar cart, and we decorated the walls with black and white sultry prints from Society Social. • HOUSE TOUR ARCHIVE: Check out past house tours here. Proudest DIY: My proudest DIY is my white peacock chair. Biggest Indulgence: This has to be my bar area. Also, living by myself has been SO much fun! But everything has its own spot and its own special role within the mix, so the effect is whimsical, and not cluttered. Also, I’m a total Gemini so my house represents that yin/yang vibe. Favorite Element: Julie and I really wanted to create an experience with each space. With rugs, art, little tables clustered around, and lots of accessories, she’s added a lot of her own personality to the space. Today we’re taking a peek inside her San Diego home, whose glam-meets-bohemian vibe is sure to put a smile on your face. Even though it’s in the middle of the living room, you feel like you’re in a blogger’s office. Super easy, super fun! Yikes! There’s a lot to see here — pretty candles, lovely glassware, a tiny unicorn, a copy of Lauryn’s book adorning the coffee table. Updated daily with fresh tours full of photos for you to pin enjoy! I’m super happy with how they turned out despite the challenge because I can enjoy each patio depending on my mood! But then I added a bunch of shorter candles, a medium sized diffuser, and stacked books that were lower to the table. I fully committed to the bar area. Dream Sources: I am obsessed with One Kings Lane, Jayson Home, DWR, Society Social, Westin Mitchell Design Group, and Waterleaf. I feel like I’m clean and simple but I like little detail. I shared the whole tutorial on The Skinny Confidential.

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