Bedroom Decorating Ideas: 8 Unexpected Ways to Get Bold With Lighting in the Bedroom

Go for something off-centered or that matches a bold wall color — or both! Multiple ones! This example spotted in Goursaud’s Bold Playful Home. Create a bold, beautiful and bohemian-feeling bedroom with a mix of lighting types, from table lamp, to hanging overhead light to floor lamp and more. The light also wows by being the same color as the bold wall paint. This example seen in James’ Beautifully Handcrafted Apartment in Clinton Hill. As seen in this room in Jeff Joseph’s Silver Lake Bungalow, clustering several light fixtures over a bed is quite the dynamic display. Seen on COCOCOZY. Try on one of these unexpected ways to use lighting in the bedroom for a space that won’t bore you one bit. From Guest Post: Emily Henderson’s Bedroom Makeover Exclusive. We spotted these IKEA hacks on Shine Your Light Blog. But though some designs can set your wallet back a bit, you can also try DIYing a pair to save money and customize to your liking. They work because they’re oversized and dramatic, and tie in with color with the rest of the space. Share what you’ve done in your home in the comments below! Why only go for one type of lighting? Nestled in a corner over a reading nook or even over the bed would be quite the bold look. Seen in Susan Herb’s Handmade, Mid-Century Split Level. As seen in this room found on Smitten Studio, a fixture made of natural materials adds to the beauty of all the room’s design elements. Have you gotten bold with lighting in your bedroom? (Image credits: Smitten Studio ; Guest Post: Emily Henderson’s Bedroom Makeover Exclusive; Photos courtesy of Sixx Design via COCOCOZY; Ikea Wall Light Hack via Shine Your Light Blog; @CHEZVIVIV via House Beautiful ; Elle Decor Italia December 2012 via Arkpad; Goursaud; Bethany Nauert; Andie Powers; Andrea Sparacio) Take a modern arching floor lamp usually reserved for styled living rooms and transport it directly into the bedroom. Pictured above: Replace the central, standard (and probably boring) light fixture your bedroom’s ceiling came with, with something eye-catching that hangs. Hanging a bold light over the bed is always an exciting choice, especially when you make it black colored and dramatic.

Updated: 16.11.2014 — 10:07