3 Tiny Tweaks That Will Make Your Home’s Lighting Better

3. Adding dimmer switches to your home’s installed or added lighting isn’t as difficult as it sounds, and in fact could be tackled in an afternoon with a few tools and materials. Add a dimmer

Fact: Every face, every home imperfection and every meal ever cooked looks infinitely better when softened by a well-lit, impeccably dimmed room. Particularly ugly cords that can’t be hidden could be covered with cord covers or replaced with bold colorful cords to be design elements themselves. (Image credits: Bethany Nauert; Kim Lucian; Alexis Buryk; Jessica Isaac) From determining whether it’s the right size to whether it’s sitting too high on your lamp (a common lamp mistake) this is also a good time to walk around your home and see how your lampshades are doing and whether they need repair; the heat of light bulbs tend to dry out some interior materials, and stains, dirt and dust can accumulate on shades through the year. Get crafty to tape or tie lamp cords to the backs of furniture they may be near, or tuck cords underneath rugs (as long as that rug isn’t in the middle of traffic flow and might create tripping hazards). So take a shade inventory — adjust heights if needed, clean (a vacuum with a gentle attachment will probably be your best bet) or make a note to replace if needed. Adjust your lampshade heights

Even buying a lamp — lampshade attached — doesn’t protect you from a potential home embarrassment that is easy to spot and easy to fix: the improperly fitting lampshade. 1. Get creative with your cords

Like electronics, imperfectly placed lamps can be a bummer when it comes to cords curling and swirling around your rooms.

Updated: 16.11.2014 — 12:07